Sanjaya’s Sermon

(— Scene faded in back into dream state—)

(— The scene is such that I am viewing Vyasa back and Sanjaya’s face-)

Sanjaya is still sitting with eyes closed he is waiting for Vyasa to open his eyes. He wants to know the answers. Vyasa had sent Sanjaya to Dhristarashtra so that he can tell him the truth he needs to hear. Anyways it is so easy for kings to listen to their ego than to the truth. Vyasa didn’t want Dhritarashtra to be able to use this as an excuse anymore so he has been accompanied with someone who has supernatural vision and his Dharma is to tell the truth.

Sanjaya’s story Cheer haran was full of praise of Draupadi. After Dusshashana attempts to disrobe Draupadi, she roars. She roars at the cowardice of the men in the courtroom. She roars at the hypocrisy of men in the Sabha, who are following think they are following Dharma by following some rules, but not protecting the meek from the mighty. What is Rama Rajya she asked?

Sanjaya eyes widened and he bowed down to the incarnation of the divine feminine which appeared in front of him. He went from town to town and told the story of the fire princess, the queen of Indraprastha. The king was supposed to be DharmaRaja, but he was naive and gullible. He followed the Dharma to the letter, but often missed the essence in spirit. He had blindspots but since he had blind spots he made mistakes.

The Queen however had a different vision she was sensible and virtuous. She had strong sense of empathy with the people of Indraprastha, when she was born it was prophecicized that she is going to demonstrate to the world the power of feminine leadership. All kingdoms in Kuru kingdom comprised on masculine leaders. The all valued power, expansion, order. Indraprashta was run under feminine leadership though, arts and commerce flourished, innovation in science and technology happened. The compassionate leadership cared for the population. They built palaces and building that had no aesthetic comparison to anything like that in the world.

When outsiders saw it they became greedy and jealous, they wanted everything by conquest. They wanted to take it by force, in the effort to capture, they led wars. They try all kind of trickery in the world and then try to humiliate the queen . But such was the divinity of the Queen that they failed. The Feminine can’t be won by force. They wanted that flourishing for themselves but they couldn’t.

It triggered some in the Kuru clan who weren’t able to digest that the city was actually being run by the Queen or that the queen was more sensible than the Kings they were supporting.


I said what I saw. It my Dharma to say what I observe truthfully.

The stories of Draupadi’s attempted cheer haran were spread across Indraprastha, people were filled rage and anger. They were looking for blood of the Kauravas and had lot of sympathy for the Pandavas. The enemy was much much more powerful. It was important

Story of India as a great civilization.


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