MD and SA

I am very impulsive, I take rash decisions all the time. When I am on MD I can sense the feel of the room. And when there are new people in the room or many people in the room, I sense more and more social anxiety. Add a touch of members of opposite sex it exaggerates even further. It is no excuse to act wooden and say bunch of gibberish.

Social Anxiety stems from fear of being judged by the group. People who have low self esteem also tend you give others higher regard. They tend to judge themselves harshly. The increasingly turn to other people for advice, because they don’t think they are good enough to do it themselves.

If you are social anxious person, you experience moments of hypersensitivity where you start to observe your environment deeply and keenly. Everyone saying everything to each other seems like a code directed at you. I was very impulsive in just walking out of the room. I realized what the fuck did i do. I had a sudden surge of anxiety and decided to leave. I need to observe such kind of stuff happens frequently would learn to deal with it.

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