Sanjaya’s Agenda

I see state switch from ‘spiky dream’ to ‘ normal waking’ — lights flicker we observe slight break in consciousness (BCI canvas is Neuralink NM-212)

The court was in set in PMO office, Smriti Tulsi Irani a once wannabe Bollywood actress turn Bollywood lawyer, she represented  Sanjay Leela Bhansali for letting the movie Padmavati release in theaters on time. She ended with “And again, International media would too since Sanjay is as true they come to true artist ”

The movie details the story of a stunning Hindu Rajput queen of 17th century who became object of obsession by the much more mightier and much much more evil Sultan. The Sultan wages a war to abduct the Queen, the King dies trying to protect the kingdom and Queen commits suicide on city falling as per Rajput customs. There is big armor melodrama about Rajputi aan baan shaan (custom, culture, valor).

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If the movie delayed by 1 year and scheduled few weeks before the election, sections of movie can be used to create 3 layer polarization campaign, it will shift polarization index by 45 degrees in our favor, (equivalent FB campaign cost would be $10 million)

(back to main scene)

Arnab Goswami, lovingly called the head commando of commandos of GM media group was going to speak for the Rajput side. Arnab made the case in his characteristic loud voice, that generally contains attacking Sanjay’s character and his views around our nationalism. The Rajput side didn’t want to edit any scenes, they wanted the whole movie to be shelved. 

Using publicly available data sources we identified list of the Hindu Rajput people who had detected very high degrees of anger (betrayal) and anger(helplessness) towards Modi ji, Arnab held up a movie poster and an old man held his cell phone playing a video on it. The poster was TV show “Ramayana” 1988 “this is not just a TV poster, people have put this image on their temples”. “They were shocked and amazed to see their Sita, caught by paparazzi, drunk and in bikini”. “That hurt the sentiments of lakhs of Hindu people, and Sanjay is trying to repeat this, I ask you Why?”. The old man walks up to the table and hands over the phone. “The Whatsapp video depicted a sex scene between the actors playing Queen and the Sultan” said the old man, he continues ” its from a earlier different film but so what”

“All the muslim butchers in our village are circulating this video, Modi ji you promised that under the Hindu Hriday Samrat, Hindu’s feeling will not be hurt, We still believe you, Don’t let him hurt our Rajpooti aan baan shaan“.

Arnab said : “He would have thought this casting a lot, if he cared India’s sentiments more, he would have not used these actors or may be he chose them on purpose to create controversy and get free publicity.”

“Tell us Sanjaya why did you want to make a movie only on this story?”

Modi signaled him to stop talking.

Modi ji said: “Rather who is your inspiration”

Sanajya says: “Draupadi”

(short frequency spike and canvas light flickrs….) 

(brain frequency is increasing steadily, scene is being faded and replaced by different scene)

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