Sanjaya’s Exile

Sanjaya sat close at Guru Vyasa’s feet. He was in deep silence.

Sanjaya the pure was Vyasa most famous disciple. Sanjaya Gavalgana had been granted to the special power of Visshudhi by Vyasa, his throat chakra was lit, he had to power to connect to reality via a vision and express the events unfolding as they happened.. It is not an easy feat and required years of meditation. Sanjaya had developed enormous sharpness of sight, he could spot a hair moving on an animal at a distance.

Vyasa sent him to kingdom of Hastinapur to serve as a consul to the blind king Dhritarashtra. Sanjaya role was to deeply observe the unfolding across the court events as they happen in real time and recite it in form of shloka on the fly, whenever the king desired. “You are using blindness as an excuse to be more blind.”

Last week he had been attacked by a mob both the Kuru kingdom for his recitation of certain disputed verses. The verses were supposed to describe the events immediately after the dice game where the Pandavas lost their bet on Draupadi. Interestingly for Sanjaya both Pandavas and Kauravas had issues with Sanajya’s version events, both clans declared the other as Fake News.

The Kaurav court banned Sanjaya on factual lies. They had him on grounds that the events had taken things out of context, very exaggerated and it was another series of cooked up magical stories spread by the cronies of the Yadav prince to polarize the country towards the Pandavas.

In most of the nation, Sanajaya hymns passage comprising of ‘Chir haran’. In Pandava stronghold however he was attacked left right and center by the mobs. They thought had maligned him. People not only wanted him gone, they wanted to kill him. What was that about? I couldn’t put my finger on it, but

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